Teranet Communications


At Teranet Communications we focus on building the best networks!

TERANET COMMUNICATIONS builds upon an ultra-premium network featuring multiple 10 Gigabit ports to every Tier-1 network in the USA and anywhere else we can reach. Couple that with over 100 peering relationships and the Internet route optimization platform we use for optimal traffic distribution and you've got a super extreme network.

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? It's simple. Our customers need it. The Internet is becoming more content rich. With the increase in VOIP, video on-demand and social networking, low latency and high performance are essential. Businesses are no longer willing to settle for a network provider that only connects to a few Tier-1 providers.

HOW MUCH DOES PREMIUM COST? Normally, premium quality carries a premium price. Not at Teranet Communications. Our bandwidth is some of the lowest in the industry. Our bandwidth is available in several datacenters ... but the list will continue growing as demand increases.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? If you need premium connectivity, a lot of connectivity or both, check out our network, the datacenters we're available in and then contact us. We'll give you the details.

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